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Glitch Book available to preorder (and has a new site)

March 2009 Update

After many delays, a changed title, we assure you this is it. Its final!
The Glitch book you've all been waiting for patiently is finally here.
Available for preorder now, Designing Imperfection. (Hardback)
including 206 full color images. 132 pages (Hardback)
should ship in September 2009.

Designing Imperfection (Amazon)
New website featuring spreads (

Mark Batty
based in New York are the books publishers.


Systems Fail. Errors Happen, Computers don't know whats going on. We see interesting and unusual visuals artefacts and glitches, We capture them!
At other times we provoke them!

This book presents a really colorful and vibrant variety of unusual visual glitch artwork from some
very talented people.

This book was 4 years in the making, and received over 900 contributions! The book is a must have for anyone with an interest in Glitch Art & Aesthetics. With interviews and introductions for those who want
to learn more.



The book was a collaboration initiated by Iman Moradi and Ant Scott. We later enlisted the help of two other collaborators Joe Gilmore and Chistopher Murphy. Below is some further information.


Ant Scott (beflix) Since 2001, Scott has collected abstract images occurring naturally on the computer screen from software glitches and the visualisation of data. Recent work combines the glitch aesthetic with traditional media, making photographic exposures directly from the computer screen.

Iman Moradi
is a Senior Lecturer at Huddersfield University, where he teaches aspiring artists and Designers in the field of Multimedia Design. He holds an MA in Smart Design and graduated with a First Class degree with his work titled, Neuromirror and his study of the visual Glitch and its many facets as part of an academic study on Glitch Aesthetics. He coined the phrase Glitchalike to describe a non pure or faked glitch and is currently pursuing a PhD in 'Glitch Art'.


Each page of this book was lovingly designed by Qubik and Fehler. The book cover features a data visualisation of the book's raw contents.

Joe Gilmore (Qubik) who initially led the book design effort, is a Sound Artist working working across a broad range of media including music composition, installation, video, internet art and live performance.

Joe collaborated with Chris Murphy (Fehler / Fällt ) on the book's design and both played a part in additonal image sourcing. Chris Murphy is a Subject Director at the University of Ulster and has recently completed another book.